Maintenance Schedule

2024 Scheduled Maintenance

March 27 & 28, 2024 – Course Closed at 12:00pm on March 27 and all day on March 28, 2024: 3/8 inch tine green aerification

August 27 & August 28, 2024 – Course Closed at 12:00pm on August 27 and all day on March 28, 2024: 3/8 inch tine green aerification

Fall Overseed 2024:  Arroyo does not close for a traditional overseeding and is not cart path only.  We do an inner-seeding process that allows us to stay open and carts can drive on most fairways.  Call 702-341-9200 with any questions or for current course condition status.

 Maintenance Definitions

3/8 inch tine aerification: Also referred to as aeration, aerification is done on turf areas as a means of reducing turf compaction, reducing thatch buildup, improving the infiltration of water/nutrients, and creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil. When a green is aerified with 3/8 tines, plugs of soild are pulled out of the ground and later “top dressed.” This process does affect the speed and roll of the greens for about 4-7 days, but the greens are still playable.

1/4 inch tine aerification: The main difference between 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch tine aerations is how long the green’s speed and roll are affected by the maintenance. When 1/4 tines are used, plugs of soil are not brought out of the ground. Rather the tines are used as spikes to put tiny holes in the ground so oxygen can get into the root system of the grass. Playing conditions are mostly unaffected by this maintenance.

Over-Seed: The Arroyo Golf Club’s base layer of grass is Bermuda. Bermuda grass is popular in hot weather destinations because of its ability to stand up to heat. However, once the temperatures drop in the fall and winter months Bermuda grass will go dormant, turning a golden brown color. In order to keep the grass green during the cold months, golf courses will overseed the course with a durable cold weather grass known as Rye. The process is simply inserting Rye seed into the bermuda base and letting the temperature to the work.

Inter-Seed: Inter-seeding is a process the golf course goes through in order to insert more seed into the turf. This seed will add to strong areas of current growth, and help fill in thinner areas of growth. In Las Vegas, September temperatures are normally the best grass growing conditions.

Cart Path Only: A period in time during maintenance when carts are restricted to driving on the cart paths only. This restriction is often used right after heavy watering or seeding on the golf course. This is also used on golf courses where carts have worn out areas of grass so the spot can be regrown.

Irrigation Block: When grass seed is laid down, the course management uses this period to moisten the soil around the seed during the hottest portion of the day.

Verticutting: Is a mechanical process used to “de-thatch” turf. The process utilizes a vertical blade system to cut down into the turf canopy. Since the blades are placed vertically, this process does not reduce the height of the turf as conventional horizontal blades. The following outline lists the benefits to “verticutting” on turf.
1. Removes excess thatch and lateral growth from the turf canopy.
2. Provides small grooves in the turf canopy to allow light, water and air to penetrate into the soil.
3. Promotes upright growth habit and reduces “grain” that can often occur in low cut turf (example: greens & fairway).
4. Promotes smooth, consistent, and fast green speeds.
5. Provides small channels for sand topdressing to enter into the turf canopy

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