Surprising Facts about Golf that You Want to Know 

Whether you consider yourself a golfer or not, there are a number of interesting facts about golf you probably don’t know. If you haven’t pulled out your clubs for a while, consider taking up the sport again. If you’ve never played, consider golf for some great exercise, or to socialize with your friends. Golf is an incredibly popular sport and an exciting recreational activity all over the world.

Surprising Facts About GolfAn exciting fact about golf that you probably don’t know is how good it can be for your health. Did you realize that if you walk and play eighteen holes of golf three times per week, you would have walked around twelve miles total? An average golf course can be up to four miles of walking per eighteen holes depending on the exact size of the course you play. This means that you can help your heart tremendously if you simply leave the cart behind and play a few days a week.

Another fun fact about golf is its age. There is argument over how old the game of golf is, with some arguing that it goes back all the way to 100 B.C.! If you want to join the annals of history, golf may very well be your way. Put yourself in the 2,100 year story.

Another surprising fact about golf is where it began and how the political history of the time affected it. First of all, when looking at a more conservative rendering of history, most agree that the modern game of golf began in Scotland in the 15th century. An interesting part of this history is that the game was banned a number of times by the Scottish Parliament because military training in the form or archery was more needful and necessary for Scotland’s national defense against England.

Do you have any idea of the sheer number of people who play golf? This may surprise you. In the United States alone there are some 29 million people who play golf. Outside of the United States there are another 30 million or so people who play golf, bringing the total number of golfers around the world to an estimated 60 million. This makes golf a greatly enjoyed game throughout the earth.

As you know, a hole-in-one is a rare occurrence in golf, even for professionals. As rare as it is, an Oakland University junior recorded two holes-in-one in nine holes during a tournament in the last couple of years. The odds of this to happen statistically speaking, are around one in 64 million! Don’t bet on that happening again soon.

Golf is a fun game with quite an intriguing history. Take advantage of this social sport that some 60 million people the world over enjoy. You may just be surprised at all of the advantages of joining the world of golf. Check out the beautiful Arroyo Golf Club. You will love the gorgeous course. Along with the scenic course, you will find new friends and get healthier along the way. Golf is far more than a businessman’s time to make a deal, or a politician’s way to take a load off. It is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit, and it bears quite an interesting political history. Join the game that golfers internationally enjoy. You’ll enjoy it too.

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