Packing Checklist for Golfers

golfchecklistCollecting your golf clubs from your garage appears to be an easy task.  However, as many golfers have found over the years, if you do not pack carefully with a packing checklist, it’s easy to forget key items.  You may arrive at the course missing essential equipment and your golf round may suffer as a consequence.

Items for your golf checklist

Being able to fit in a round of golf is always a good thing. Having all of your golf clubs ready and necessary golf equipment packed is crucial.   Whether you are a seasoned golfer, or a relatively new player, forgetfulness and poor decisions can be expensive.  Having a checklist for golfers to refer to can be invaluable.

There are numerous items you can include on your packing list.  We will name a small amount to get you started:

  • Golf clubs and head covers
  • Golf shoes and extra spikes
  • Golf balls and tees
  • Golf gloves
  • Divot tool
  • Range finder (battery charged)
  • Hat or visor & sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Water bottle

This is just a start.  Use these suggestions as the base for your personal golf packing checklist.

Organizing tee times

Avoid the temptation to just “show up” at the course.  Book your tee time in advance.  If you don’t, you run the risk of arriving at the course only to find out a tournament is going on and no tee times are available for the next few hours.  Making a quick call to the pro shop ensures your day of golf will not end unexpectedly.

Protecting your clubs

The best time to prepare your golf clubs and equipment for your next round is when you remove it from your vehicle and store it safely in your garage. There is never a better time to clean your golf clubs, your bag and any other golfing accessories so they will be ready at a moment’s notice.   Grab a clean towel, clean the bottom of your shoes and stock your essential items.  This is also a great time to notice if anything is missing.  Did you leave your head cover on the green?  Is your 9 iron still in the bushes where you threw it?  Take a quick inventory so you can call the course about missing items if needed.

Golf clubs are an expensive investment.  Regular maintenance and cleaning of your clubs will ensure your investment lasts you as long as possible.  If you plan to travel,  invest in a high quality travel cover so that your clubs, accessories and equipment are protected from all circumstances.

Prepare for weather conditions

Prepare yourself for the weather. Lightweight, quick dry and wrinkle resistant microfiber clothing will help keep you ready for a wide range of changing weather. Your umbrella and a rain jacket will be essential in a downpour.  Carry water and sunscreen to protect you from extreme heat.

Stocking up

There is a fine line between stocking your bag and making it incredibly heavy and hard to manage.  Based on your handicap, pack just the right amount of balls.  Golf balls may be small but they can add a great deal of weight to your bag if you overpack.  Pack some extra tees, a towel, small snacks etc.  If you tend to hit the drink, you might want to pack a ball retriever and an extra pair of socks in case you end up in the water looking for your ball.  There is no reason to overpack.  If you follow a golf packing checklist as you leave for the course, you should always be prepared.

Over the course of time, you will create your own packing checklist.  Every golfer’s bag looks a little different.  Player’s have various”must have” items.  Figure out your essentials, make a quick list you can refer to and follow it closely.  Head to the golf course with confidence.

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