How to make a Golf Game Plan

im_hole10-300x176There are two ways that you can plan a game of golf to improve your round and hopefully target lowering your handicap. The first plan to establish is to ensure that you have organized everything you require to make your game of golf a success. This includes everything from booking your tee time to selecting all of your equipment and accessories required for a great day’s golf. The second plan is to learn about the course and the best way to play each hole, before you set foot on the first tee.

Golf is better where you are able to organize your playing time in advance. Although it’s great to say yes to a colleague who calls you at 8 AM, informing you that he has a spare place on the tee at 9 AM, but you chance going to the game unorganized and this may affect your performance and final score.

How many holes?

Begin by deciding who you are going to play 18 holes with and finding out when they are available. Are you inviting a large group of golfers? When you have a mutual day and accessible times listed, you can contact the golf club to book your tee time. This would be a good time to confirm the booking with your opponents and ask them to reply so that you all know that everything is confirmed, rather than risk a player not turning up.

Where you are playing a competition match against opponents that you do not know, this is a good time to complete your homework to find out what you can about them. Knowing opponents helps you understand their particular traits that you need to appreciate in advance. For example, if a player has a particularly strange routine before teeing off, advance knowledge of how they dance around the tee before hitting the ball will be known and expected by you. Where you didn’t know, this may put you off your own tee shot.

Some golfers prefer to play nine holes, while others will hope for two rounds within one day, with lunch in between. The number of holes is important. Where you plan your energy for 18 holes, another nine or 18 may force you into a poor second round because you are not prepared.

Being prepared for the weather is important, especially as it can change at a moment’s notice and is different across the year. This will help you select your clothing and accessories and not be caught without the appropriate golf wear.

Check your equipment is in good order

Good and great golfers always check their equipment in plenty of time before the next round. This gives them the opportunity to replace any items that are missing, purchase new balls and tees where necessary or have a golf club handle re-gripped. Selecting gear will save you playing 18 holes with a putter that is falling apart.

Know the course

You will reduce your golf score by understanding more about the golf course than if you were to see water traps and bunkers appear by an element of surprise. By knowing what you will face before you leave the first tee, you will understand more about the course conditions, the locations of the pins and how the fairways match your driving and chipping.

Planning ahead for your day’s golf is essential if you are to remove any shocks or surprises. By taking time to prepare your equipment, selecting wear, knowing people and knowledge of the golf course, you are more likely to shoot a lower score.



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