How to Book a Tee Time the Right Way in Las Vegas


Where you have tried to arrive at a golf course and expect to move straight to the first tee without previously booking the tee-time, you will have been severely disappointed. Booking your Las Vegas tee times is easy with these brief notes designed to help take you through the process where this is new to you. This will also explain the best time to play golf in Vegas.

Once you have selected your favorite golf course or courses, it is always best to reserve your tee times to make sure that you can play when it suits you and your colleagues.

All golf courses have websites that provide all of the information that you need to be able to make a decision that suits your requirements. Many also provide an online booking system so that you can receive an immediate response to your application to book your 18 holes.

In the terms and conditions – make sure you read them – it will explain how far in advance you are allowed to book your tee time. You might wish to book for tomorrow or in a week, but you may also be planning for an event in several weeks’ time, perhaps arranging your own company golf event.

It is easier to book your tee time as far in advance as you are allowed, because this will give you the opportunity to secure your first choice. Nevertheless, it is beneficial for you and your colleagues to have considered alternate tee times which are also acceptable.

For your specific booking

Before you attempt to book by telephone or online, you may wish to find out what specials are available as this may help you make a different decision.

You have chosen your course and have a preferential teatime in mind. You will know how many players are going to play. You should also have thought about whether you are going to hire a cart, a GPS system, hit some range balls before the 18 holes and check to see which taxes are included.

Helpfully, all online systems will have a large button allowing you to click once to book your tee time, completing the purchase with your card data.

When is the best time to play golf in Vegas?

You probably won’t want to choose the middle of the day at the hottest time of the year to choose your Las Vegas tee times. To take advantage of the great weather in the region, March to May in spring and September to November during fall provide you with temperatures between 65 and 85° and the skies will be clear, normally.

Should you be looking to pay less for your Las Vegas tee times, November to January during the winter and the hottest months in the summer between June and August will be best for you. Playing during the extreme temperatures means that fewer golfers are playing and the majority of courses lower their rates to encourage more people to play at these times.

To select the very best time of the year, June is perfect because you will avoid the high August temperatures and you will also miss the higher rates charged during other seasons.

With sufficient and simple planning in advance, you can ensure the best tee times in Las Vegas for you and your colleagues and turn your concentration to course management to enjoy your 18 holes by shooting the best round for your handicap.

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