Advantages of Celebrating Christmas & New Year at a Golf Club

New Year CountdownWhether you aim to celebrate alone or with friends and colleagues, attending a New Year party at a golf resort provides you with a great opportunity to dine and celebrate in style as you see out the old year and gather together your hopes for the new one.

While you may not choose a long flight to the Norwegian and Russian border to play nine holes of golf each side across midnight where it is light 24 hours of the day, staying closer to home gives you the opening for 18 holes on the last day of the year and the first day of the year, when you spend New Year at a golf club.

For the non-golfers, a New Year party at a golf resort will be equally entertaining because there is so much to celebrate, to reflect upon and discuss those New Year’s resolutions and golf clubs always cater well for the golf widows or widowers!

Counting down the last 10 seconds of the year

Participating in counting down the last 10 seconds of the year is fun for everyone and when you are combining that with a superb location with excellent dining and entertainment facilities, it’s easy to join in.

Why we celebrate saying goodbye to one year and welcoming in another is difficult to understand unless we assume it is purely the motivation to push the past behind us and set new targets and goals, whether personal or business, for the New Year.

New Year’s resolutions will be one of the main subjects of conversation as you see in the New Year at a golf club. Whether you will choose to lose weight, eat healthily or exercise more, there will be thousands of other people choosing to quit smoking and getting rid of old bad habits.

Some individuals will take this opportunity to consider their career and establish goals which will either help them become better at their current job, move to a better job or perhaps establish their own business. This may lead to discussions about changing your education, learning a new language or finally mastering the guitar.

Others will use their New Year party in a golf resort to consider how they can volunteer more and help others; how can they give more to charities and encourage others to participate in these life changing moments.

Keeping those New Year resolutions

While every other person makes New Year’s resolutions, just one in eight people will maintain them for the whole year, but investigations published in the Huffington Post suggests that you are ten times more likely to make an awesome change to your life if you do make New Year’s resolutions, compared to those that refuse.

Essentially, it is the fun in discussing the possibilities of your New Year’s resolutions and contemplating complete failure or success that provides much of your own entertainment. The fine wines and exceptional attention to detail that forms the festive food and entertainment, helps you and your friends and colleagues dance the year away as you ring in the New Year.

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