4 of the Most Unbelievable Golf Shots

golfing-shotOne of the essential golf skills that every golfer quickly learns is the ability to remember the best golf shots of the day to discuss at the 19th hole in the clubhouse and quickly forget the majority of the rest of the strokes. Although we should all learn by our mistakes, it is far easier to concentrate on our best golf shots whether they occur during a Sunday morning stroll around your favorite course or in the final stages of the US open.

You do not have to be famous or use the best golf equipment (but it helps) to achieve these almost unbelievable golf shots, but every amateur golfer that feels like the fairway has been moved into the trees or the bunkers, will believe they have the talent of Tiger Woods to shoot great golf shots from unbelievable positions and place the ball right next to the pin.

Here are four of the most incredible golf shots that we all hope to be able to achieve at one stage or another.

In this first example at a professional tournament, this player shows his golf skills by bouncing the ball several times across the water, finally reaching the green, rolling past the pin and having enough backspin to return the last few inches, direct into the hole.

Charl Schwartzel is caught playing a shot from a road around the golf course; somewhere you would normally be driving your vehicle, rather than a four iron. Every amateur golfer has found themselves in an impossible position, up against a tree, on a tarmac surface or in the middle of a forest. Having seen the professionals manage to play this type of stroke and land in a great position for an approach shot on the fairway or in the middle of the green, the majority of amateurs would be better off dropping the ball and losing a stroke, but everyone believes that if you don’t take this risk you will never know the outcome. While many will never see that golf ball ever again after a shot like this, someone somewhere must leave the ball ready for a birdie attempt.

As one of the leading players in the world today, Rory McIlroy went direct for the hole on his 235 yard approach. Many amateur golfers would have considered their golf management skills and taken two careful shots to finish in a great position rather than chance carrying the entirety of the lake.

When you are playing the last hole of a major competition, the incentive for the most highly skilled of professional golfers is to set themselves up for an eagle or a birdie on the last hole.

Despite more recent downs than ups, Tiger Woods reminds us of his incredible golf skills with this 230 yard second shot approach during the Presidents Cup, from 2013. It was this best use of his golf equipment that kept him on top of the leaderboard for a decade.

Each of these unbelievable golf shots show that any player is capable of achieving great results, but experience and practice give those shots a better chance of success.

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