3 Things About Golf No Professional Golfer will Tell you

tips from a professional golferYou could be forgiven for thinking – that all the golfing tips you are offered from your friends when you are learning to play, to all of the golfing techniques that are available across the Internet in videos and in magazines -that you would be able to master every course and every shot. Unfortunately, there are some things about golf that remain a secret and unless you become a professional golfer, you may never find out what they are. Here are some healthy hints.

  • Golf secret number one

The younger you begin to play; the easier it will be to learn things about golf. Although there are exceptions to every rule, in the majority of situations, the later that you decide to learn golfing, the harder it will be to grasp and master.

Jack Nicholas started to learn how to play golf at the age of 10, Arnold Palmer at age 4 and Tiger Woods picked up his first clubs on his second birthday. Rory McIlroy started learning golf techniques at just 18 months.

Whenever you quote the information that learning golf at an early age is a great advantage, individuals will always highlight information about a golfer that started playing at the age of 19 and won their first professional tournament before they turn 21. Unfortunately, like most professional sports people, the best examples started learning things about golf, or their sport, at the earliest possible age.

When you start your golf career at an early age, your muscles begin to learn repeatable swings and they become an imprint on your body.

As you learn golf at an older age, you have to lose information that has been dictated to you by other sports to enable you to correctly use golfing techniques that will help lower your handicap.

  • Golf secret number two

The higher the level that you have for natural talent, the quicker you will become better at your sport.

Naturally talented sportspeople are able to pick up a set of golf clubs and shoot a reasonable score within their first five or six rounds. They will naturally swing the club and send the ball down the middle of the fairway, much to the annoyance of many amateur golfers who have been trying to achieve that for the past 30 years.

The natural talent is shown in a variety of ways, which includes great hand to eye coordination, which is why they are often talented in a variety of sports. They will also have the mental resilience to cast aside any bad shots and other adversity because they will concentrate on the will to win by playing the best golf possible. Natural talent is also seen from performers who are in great physical condition. Their muscle strength and aerobic physical fitness will be excellent and although strength doesn’t count for every great drive, when you are stronger you will be able to hit the ball harder and therefore, further. These players will not be tired after 18 holes.

  • Golf secret number three

Golf secret number three is not really a secret as you will have been told it consistently as you learn to play the game. You must practice consistently and hit a lot of golf balls, regularly, with someone training you to play better golf and including a variety of different shots to practice the different possibilities throughout your golfing career.

Your golf professional will tell you about secret number three, but many golfers ignore this great advice and forget it quite quickly. The benefit to a professional who is training you how to play is to encourage you to take as many lessons as possible to improve your performance, but starting early and having natural talent will certainly help increase the quality of your practice and play.

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