13 Things to Know Before You Get Married At Las Vegas Golf Resort

golfweddingsienaAgreeing to get married is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. The actual arrangements for the wedding, the ceremony and the catering will vary considerably and be led by your budget. Nevertheless, planning to get married at a golf resort does present you with a number of questions that you need answered just after you say “I do.” Here is some friendly help and advice with 13 things you should know before the day and a lucky bonus number 13.

1 Book the day

As soon as you have agreed your first and reserve choices of wedding date, check that the main wedding party individuals are also available. The list includes parents, siblings, best man, bridesmaids and people that must be there on your special day. Make arrangements to book the wedding at your favorite Las Vegas golf resort so that all of the rest of your plans can go ahead with a specific target date confirmed.

2 Choose your wedding dress and suits

Some wedding dress designers need several weeks or months’ notice to design and make your wedding dress. By making the most of your golf resort’s wedding planning professional, you will reduce your stress levels. Still, what size dress will you need on your big day if it’s months away?

3 your wedding flowers

Remember to make specific enquiries about which flowers will be in season and easily available in Arizona at the time of your wedding. Should you be traveling from a different part of the country, different flowers may be in season at various times of the year.

4 organizing a gift list

Unless you intend to use the golf professional’s shop for your wedding gift list, it is better to set up a gift list for your guests so they can choose from a range of items you actually require. This will reduce the number of toasters you receive on your wedding day.

5 your wedding reception

Consider your entire reception in Las Vegas and check the weather for that time of the year, so that you can find a balance for all of your outside activities and the air conditioning inside.

6 an awesome wedding cake

You can’t usually make a great wedding cake in one day. The more notice the cake baker receives is better for the overall result.

7 wedding favors

Do you want your guests to take away a reminder of Las Vegas? What will be available locally and which items should you order via the Internet?

8 your ceremony

Ask about all the different choices that are available for your ceremony in Las Vegas; you may be spoilt for choice.

9 which music will you choose?

There are many music choices to be made; music during your ceremony, your reception, your first dance and for everyone to dance the night away.

10 religious or nonreligious?

Your Las Vegas golf resort can arrange religious and nonreligious ceremonies. For a nonreligious event, you can include specific areas of religion should you wish to include elements for both groups.

11 personalized tables

Your table doesn’t have to look like every other wedding table at a wedding reception. Remember, you’re in Las Vegas; think well outside of the box.

12 use your wedding planner

The wedding planner at your Las Vegas golf resort is there to help you make sure your day is so awesome neither you nor your guests will ever forget it. The on-site professional can help you in many ways and answer all of your questions. Your wedding planner will be able to explain how you can arrange your wedding license in Las Vegas.

13 golf not compulsory

Although it is not compulsory to play 18 holes in the morning before you get married, where you are both keen golfers, you could begin your honeymoon at the golf resort with the best man and your leading bridesmaid driving your buggy.

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